The ultimate Post Office plugin for your Minecraft SMP!

Do you run a public SMP server? Want a reliable post box system for your community? Look no further than the Post Office Plugin!

Easily turn any barrel in to a Post Box with built in barrel protection to keep everything nice and secure. Need support or have suggestions for future updates? Jump on my Discord!

How does the plugin work?

  • Set the custom name to use for your post box system using an in-game command.
  • Rename the barrels using an anvil, to match the custom name from the previous step.
  • Place your barrels in your amazing Post Office build.
  • Place a sign on the front of the barrel, type the post box owners name on the second line of the sign.
  • Enjoy your awesome post office on your SMP!

All player can place an item in another players post box but only the owner or anyone with appropriate permissions can take the items out. This plugin also comes with built in barrel and sign protection, however if you wish to rely on a plugin like WorldGuard to protect your post boxes you can disable the built-in protection in the config file.

Plugin Usage Stats